Don’t Investigate Roland Burris

Now that Roland Burris has confirmed that he was solicited for a campaign contribution by Blagojevich’s brother, Illinois House Republicans want him investigated for perjury.

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – Illinois House Republicans say they want U.S. Sen. Roland Burris investigated for perjury.

State Rep. Jim Durkin told The Associated Press he and GOP leader Tom Cross will ask for an outside investigation into whether Burris perjured himself before a House committee investigating former Gov. Rod Blagojevich‘s impeachment.

This is a mistake. It would be partisan and divisive to investigate a sitting Senator during a time of national economic crisis. Rather than dwelling on the past, we need to move on and look forward. While no one is above the law, we just cannot afford to have our attention taken from the serious problems that face our country. Regardless, even if Burris may have done something improper, he was only acting in the best interests of the state – Illinois could not afford to have left a Senate seat vacant. Even if, in retrospect, he may have made a mistake, at all times he only tried his best to serve the people of Illinois and to do their wishes. Roland Burris never shied away from the tough decisions.

After all, its not like he tortured anyone, right?

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