Bush Administration Legal Memos

ProPublica has published an interactive list of Bush Administration ‘secret’ memos on torture, wiretapping, and the scope of executive authority. It is an important reference on the subject.

Ultimately, President Obama and the Attorney General will have to decide whether to release these memos to the public. Regardless of whether investigations or prosecutions of Bush officials occur, these memos should be released so the nation can appropriately discuss and repudiate the actions and legal positions of the last eight years.

Whistleblower: NSA Eavesdropped on American Journalists

I don’t have time to blog about this now, but I do want to post the video from Keith Olbermann’s interview tonight with Russell Tice, one of the NSA whistleblowers. In the interview, Tice says that 1) even communications Americans who had no foreign contacts were collected; that 2) organizations and groups such as the press had their communications collected to demonstrate that they weren’t terrorists, and that 3) the NSA and DoD mislead Congress by alternately describing programs as being ‘intelligence’ or ‘defense’ and refusing to discuss them.

This is precisely why warrants are so important. They prevent the kinds of collections in (1) and (2) because there is no probable cause.

This is yet another demonstration of why the Obama administration needs to support the immediate investigation and possible prosecution of crimes committed by the Bush administration.

Update: The transcript can be found here.

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