Where is Feinstein on the EFCA?

The Courage Campaign is asking people to tell Senator Feinstein to join the rest of the California Democratic Congressional delegation and co-sponsor the Employee Free Choice Act. From their email:

The Employee Free Choice Act is an essential piece of our national economic recovery program. It allows workers to organize a union more easily and free from employer interference, giving them the power to more successfully negotiate with large corporations to protect the middle class during this severe recession.

This is one of the most important pieces of legislation this year. President Barack Obama supports it, as do most Democrats, including Senator Barbara Boxer. A Gallup Poll last week found that a clear majority of Americans support the Employee Free Choice Act.

Senator Feinstein, however, has refused to take a position on the bill — even though she co-sponsored it and voted for it in 2007.

It is nice that the Senator co-sponsored the bill when it didn’t have a chance of getting out of the Senate. Things have changed, though, and her silence is deafening. Go sign the letter, here.

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Disappointed in Dianne

From Calitics, Dianne Feinstein is the only member of the California Congressional delegation not to have co-sponsored the Employee Free Choice Act. The senator has an unfortunate history of caring more about corporations than about her constituents. Feel free to call her offices and ask them why she is putting corporations before Californians.

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Tuesday Evening Progressive Music Blogging

In honor of the forthcoming fight over the Employee Free Choice Act, I present Ed Miller’s “The Prince of Darkness”.

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