Not the Change We Need

Photo courtesy of Pat Hawks

Photo courtesy of Pat Hawks

When I volunteered for, donated to, and voted for Barack Obama, I knew that I would not agree with his every decision. He is, in many ways, too moderate for me. Likewise, while I have my moments, I’m not especially pragmatic. Despite this awareness, there have been a number of actions taken by our new President that I believe violate the promise of his campaign and the principles that led me to support him. And, while I continue to do so, on many things, I would be remiss if I did not speak out at those times.

Quite frankly, the majority of these posts are on civil liberties and war crimes prosecution issues. While this rests to some degree on my own interests, thus far I believe the president has been more-or-less on track on other fronts. More importantly, these posts are not for run-of-the-mill disagreements, but rather for gross violations of the very premise of Obama’s campaign – actions that are not the change we need.

Part VIII: Financial Regulation.

Parts VI & VII: Politics at the Department of Justice.

Part V: Signing statements.

Part IV: Continuation of Bush policies and Binyam Mohammad.

Part III: Civil liberties and the “war” on terror.

Part II: Adoption of the expanded state secrets privilege.

Part I: Hypocrisy in calling for investigations into Israeli’s alleged use of white phosphorus in Gaza.

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