Only Mostly Dead

Well, after a lengthy and unplanned (but, perhaps, predictable) summer hiatus, we are live again, this time from Washington, DC. In theory, at least, I’ll continue to discuss California issues (as I remain registered to vote there), though perhaps not as much.

As an aside, I demand to see Congressman Bill Posey‘s birth certificate. I am uncertain if he meets the Constitutional mandate for service in the House of having attained the age of 25 years. He could, after all, have the Benjamin Button disease. Not that I am saying he isn’t at least 25 years old, of course, just that we should double check.

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Salamander MIA

I apologize for the light posting over the last two weeks. I’m preparing for a major move and it’s kept me away from the keyboard. Thing should be picking up from here.

I had more things I wanted to say about the focus on the AIG bonuses, but instead, I’m going to outsource it to XKCD.

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Tuesday Evening Progressive Music Blogging

In honor of the forthcoming fight over the Employee Free Choice Act, I present Ed Miller’s “The Prince of Darkness”.

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Los Angeles Neighborhoods

The Los Angeles Times has launched a new feature on their website showing the boundaries of all of the various LA neighborhoods, and asked for public comment.

The Los Angeles Times is unveiling the new map of neighborhoods today on its website at Years in the making, it is designed to be a tool that will allow reporters and editors to be consistent when describing neighborhoods in news stories in a city that sometimes seems to change the names like most people change socks.


Fortunately, those who disagree with the map have a chance to persuade the newspaper’s mapmakers to reconsider. Readers can use the interactive website to redraw any section of the map they feel is incorrect and submit the alteration for editors’ consideration. And editors may be busy.

This is an interesting project. Despite growing up in Southern California, and moving to LA just about three years ago, I still have a pretty poor understanding of where many neighborhoods outside of the Westside are. Equally, the public comments could be a fascinating collection of evidence regarding perceptions of the city specifically, and urban space in general. That said, I cannot help but feel that for a paper that has had to continually cut staff for local reporting over the past several years, this may not be the best use of their efforts.

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Sunday Afternoon Santa Monica Recession Blogging

Number of people in line at Armstrong Garden Center on a rainy weekend in February: 6

Number of people in line at Sur La Table: 10

Number of traffic attendants directing cars at Whole Foods: 4

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