Lysistrata in East Africa

Living classics.

NAIROBI, Kenya (CNN) — The fight for political reform in Kenya has moved into an unlikely venue — the nation’s bedrooms.

Activists in the East African nation are urging women to withhold sex for a week to protest the growing divide in Kenya’s coalition government.


“This will accomplish nothing other than embarrass us,” said Martin Kamau, a resident of Nakuru, a major city northwest of the capital. “We are being punished, and yet we are not the ones causing the problems.”

Kamau plans to plead his case with his wife. “Seven days is just too much,” he said.

Not quite as good as the original.

And not so much as the shadow of a lover! Since the day the Milesians betrayed us, I have never once seen an eight-inch gadget even, to be a leathern consolation to us poor widows…. Now tell me, if I have discovered a means of ending the war, will you all second me?

Yes verily, by all the goddesses, I swear I will, though I have to put my gown in pawn, and drink the money the same day.

And so will I, though I must be split in two like a flat-fish, and have half myself removed.

And I too; why to secure peace, I would climb to the top of Mount Taygetus.

Then I will out with it at last, my mighty secret! Oh! sister women, if we would compel our husbands to make peace, we must refrain…

Refrain from what? tell us, tell us!

But will you do it?

We will, we will, though we should die of it.

We must refrain from the male altogether…. Nay, why do you turn your backs on me? Where are you going? So, you bite your lips, and shake your heads, eh? Why these pale, sad looks? why these tears? Come, will you do it-yes or no? Do you hesitate?

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The Combined Wisdom of the Republican Party

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Oddities: New Pepsi Commercial

I just saw this new Pepsi commercial in the middle of MSNBC’s inauguration coverage. I find the commercial and the new logo to be a particularly crass attempt to capitalize on President Obama’s popularity and youth following. There is something genuinely pure and hopeful in the movement that Obama inspired. This just seems in poor taste.

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