Bobby Jindal: Liar

In his response speech to Obama’s address, Governor Jindal lied, plainly, when he said that stimulus bill contained funding for a maglev train from “Disneyland to Las Vegas”. As has been remarked upon all over the place, that is not one of the approved high-speed rail corridors.

High Speed Rail Corridors from the Dept. of Transportation

High Speed Rail Corridors from the Dept. of Transportation

More importantly, why is this such a bogyman for the right? In many ways, that would be an ideal corridor, relieving a great deal of traffic between Southern California and Las Vegas without disrupting too many communities along much of its route. It would also be able to connect with the current California high-speed rail plan which calls for ultimately expanding the Los Angeles (Anaheim)-San Francisco line to San Diego through the Inland Empire.

Update: Here is video of David Shuster calling Congressman Darrell Issa on exactly this issue, yesterday.


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  1. You’ve got to be freaking kidding me. Obama looked right in the camera and said the bill contained no earmarks. If all that extra pork in the bill don’t constitute earmarks, what would you call it. BE REAL.

    But, not to worry. Joe is overseeing the spending. God help us.

    • I would call it spending. Earmarks have a specific definition – money that is inserted by a congressperson to fund a specific project or program, outside of the normal competitive merit-based allocation processes. The money for high speed rail is be distributed, by merit, among many high speed rail corridors designated by the Department of Transportation. The Las Vegas maglev train isn’t one of the designated corridors, and even if it was, it would still need to compete with all of the other designated corridors. It isn’t pork and it isn’t an earmark. It is federal funding for infrastructure construction, which was the very purpose of the bill.

      Doubting the wisdom or value of a spending-based stimulus package is one thing. Lying about spending in the bill in order to suggest corruption is something else entirely.

  2. Turn off the MSNBC for a minute and think about what you are saying. Who put in all those pet projects? The stimulus fairy?

    Here are four times Obama said one thing in the speech but is doing another. (That would be called deception, lie, hypocrisy)

    1) Obama – Everyone, Republican and Democrat will have to sacrifice worthy projects for which there are no dollars.

    and then turned around to say:

    additional spending for cancer cure, then national health care reform, then overhauling social security, tax free universal savings accounts, free college money


    2)Obama – this time CEO’s won’t be able to use their money to pad their paychecks, buy fancy drapes, or buy a private jet… those days are over.

    but in reality:

    Obama decides to accept $11.2 billion dollars in helicopters thanks to his predecessor George Bush. I guess that’s one problem he’s willing to inherit.

    3) Obama – I’m proud we passed a recovery plan free of earmarks

    but in reality:

    It’s filled with pork spending. Obama is playing word games – Remember Bill Clinton? “It depends on what the meaning of the word is, is.”

    George Bush a liar? Sure. I’ll go with that. But, so is Obama.


    Obama cutting the deficit in half buy 2013? Duh. The Congressional Budget Office said that if Barack Obama did nothing, the budget deficit would be cut by 70% by 2013. So… he inherits a trillion dollar deficit, adds another trillion to it, cuts it in half and BINGO! We are right back where we started from – SQUARE ONE.

    Facts suck, don’t they? I’m NOT TRYING TO GET YOU TO NOT LIKE OBAMA. Just be real. He’s screwing you. Just like George Bush screwed you.

    BTW, could somebody please find something other than a green burlap bag for Nancy Pelosi to wear at the next big speech? :)

    • 1) Launching some new programs, even a lot of new programs, doesn’t mean that some other goals haven’t been sacrificed. Sacrifice can mean less new spending than he wants, or spending in different proportions than he wants, or even cutting some programs he likes to fund new programs he likes more.

      2) First of all, as of a press conference several days ago, he was re-evaluating the helicopter because of the projected cost overruns. See this article in the NY Times. However, even if he does end up with a ridiculously expensive helicopter, there is no connection between replacing Marine One and placing limitations on the use of bail bailout money by the banks. Certainly there isn’t enough of one to be called a ‘lie’.

      3) The bill was free of earmarks. The statement is true. There may be some pet projects in the bill, but a ‘pet project’ is not equivalent to an earmark. Equally, a pet project may be 1) valuable and 2) stimulative, which was the entire purpose of the bill, and therefore we cannot say that just because some spending was part of a given pet project that it was necessarily bad on its face. Pork spending is not necessarily bad spending. If you have a particular item you think is improper, I’ll be happy to discuss that with you – I may even agree with you. But, on the whole – and I’m looking at the stimulus plan on the whole – my complaints with it is that it is too small and too heavily geared toward tax cuts, not that there is too much spending.

      4) I think trying to cut the deficit at this juncture makes very little economic sense. I would like to see the deficit eliminated and work made on paying down the national debt, but I don’t expect it to occur in the middle of an economic collapse. When FDR became concerned about the size of the deficit during the new deal, he scaled back spending and prompted a sudden downturn in the midst of recovery. I think the President would be well advised to avoid similar mistakes. However, on your claim of a ‘lie’, my understanding is that he wants to cut the 2008 deficit in half by 2013, even while making the calculated deficit larger by including the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. I don’t see how this is a lie, especially since it isn’t yet 2013.

      Finally, I don’t feel screwed by President Obama. Quite the contrary, I mostly agree with the policy objectives he outlined in his address. I also don’t mind paying more taxes, if necessary, to make them possible. I’m sorry that you disagree.

  3. ++I also don’t mind paying more taxes, if necessary, to make them possible. I’m sorry that you disagree.++

    Ahhhh – now I get it. You’re a patriot!

  4. You are a piece of work!

    What an unabashed OBAMA lover you are. The above foray PROVES what an apologist you are for the FAR-LEFT!

    you are EXACTLY the reason i have switched from Dem to Republican! You never answer any questions with anything remotely intelligent…even though you LIBTARDS seem to think you are such intellectuals!

    The REAL world sees right through your crap and we will let it be known on APRIL 15th and again in 2010 when we vote out any LEFT WING WACKOS!

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