Calvert on the Stimulus

The DCCC has named Congressman Ken Calvert (CA-44) to the House Republicans Hypocrisy Hall of Fame for taking credit for stimulus spending to occur in Riverside.

Representative Ken Calvert (CA-44) – “All of us in the Inland Empire will do what we can to direct as much money as we can.” [The Press Enterprise; 2/13/09]

We can, of course, compare this to other statements by him, also quoted in the Press Enterprise.

On February 3rd, in response to the DCCC launching ads attacking him for voting against the initial House version of the bill:

“It’s a boondoggle,” Calvert said. “The more people that know I voted against that bill, the better.”

I couldn’t agree more. And on February 12th, when his e-verify amendment was striped out of the bill in the conference committee:

“The one candle in the darkness of this disastrous bill was the reauthorization and requirements to use E-Verify,” Calvert said. “Now all we are left is a bill that places illegal immigrant interests above those of hard working American families and leaves the bill at the foot of future generations.”

All of this is rather surprising, as Calvert is a big fan of infrastructure spending, especially when it is going to benefit his personal financial interest.

As an aside, Bill Hedrick sent out a fundraising email for his 2010 campaign at the beginning of the month, touting the DCCC’s involvement in the district this time around. I’m pleased to see both Hedrick and the DCCC looking forward.

Efforts also appear to be underway by third parties – my parents received a phone call last week from Working Families First urging them to call Calvert and ask him to vote for the stimulus package. The more attention paid to Calvert, the better.

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